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It may not sound like the typical rags to riches story but it’s one that will definitely get you off your seat to start working. This is not my story but i personally saw it unfold

Naison has been my buddy, for about two years now. We worked together while we were in lugansk,Ukraine . I taught him the bit of photography that he knows and  up until the time that the war broke out, he tried his best to keep up with the tutorials. The Man ,as I know him is hardworking and probably the most humble individual I’ve had to meet.

When Naison left Lugansk he travelled back to his Home Country (Zimbabwe).Upon arrival, things didn’t exactly work out the way he planned. He couldn’t

Naison Gumbo

Naison Gumbo

return to school and he turned to one thing that he spent his last days learning (Photography ). He was always on my shoots and even though i never really taught him film making, he was able learn a few things. We didnt speak very often once he got home  but the times he called me, he complained that photography wasn’t helping him in anyway. He further stated that his clients wouldn’t pay him and he has been trying to make wedding videos too, which at the time wasn’t yielding anything. The conditions in his hometown wasn’t exactly very conducive and made it harder to achieve anything. The complaint lasted for a while up until the day he called to say he was quitting and he wanted to dump the camera and do something else. Then I spoke to him–

  ..do what you love, even if no one pays you to do it

I did ask him why he did film in the first place,”Because I love doing it”, Then do it for the love, I added. “Do it even if no one is paying you to do it, have fun doing it, even if it hurts, spend as much time as possible on it, develop it daily and when people see how good you are, the money will come rolling in”


There’s no defense against excellence that meets  a pressing public need

Naison took my advice on that fateful day. But here is the miracle of the whole event and why the picture used as thumbnail actually makes sense. a weeknaison gumbo after he thought about quitting, he signed up for a contest, to make a music video for a UK Band (The secret company), and when he sent me his video, I was not only impressed by it, i was astonished at what he could achieve with nothing.Anyways, Long story short, at the end of it all, He won a contest that even I would not have pulled through.

Naison was one step close to his gold and just one last hit won him his victory, take a moment to think through, what if he had quit? The words written on the blog post after he was selected were “Naison was able to pull off an amazing video considering the unfavorable conditions in the country Zimbabwe. The incessant power cuts and lack of man power”.When I read those lines, It brought back the conversation we heard over the phone when he complained about the condition of his hometown , The truth is, those same conditions helped him win by putting the odds in the right channel , he was able to come out strong.

Naison, I can proudly say is an award winning film maker. He earned it and I couldn’t be more proud of anyone. He is now very dedicated to his craft and if you doubt his fame google Naison Gumbo UK . At the end of it all, The people who never wanted to pay him and those clients that turned him down are now asking for his number, because at the end of it all..There is no defense against excellence that meets a pressing public need.

Below is the link to his interview and Video, Take some time to watch and Read it here



thank you Sir,I appreciate everything you have done for me

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Naison u were one of the very gentle and humble client I had back then in Lugansk Ukraine, am so glad that u are making waves in this area. I cant forget in a hurry my wedding pictures u took and delivered in time courtesy of Studio 4. Wishing ya all the best.


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