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If you cared enough to click on the link and looking at these words, you might have made a good decision but I dare you to read till the end, then find out why.

I recently graduated from Kiev Medical University and through out my stay in ukraine, I was known as the guy that multi tasked, I mean I did everything I could, not because I was really trying to, for one big part, I had to pay my rent myself and on the other part, I’m a workaholic and med school just wasn’t enough hard work, (LOL)


victor ofrank

Me at a party as a photographer in Lugansk

I got out mid 2015 and this has been more than year and looking back, there were things I wish someone actually told me when I first got to ukraine and those things are what I wish to share with you today, so buckle up, this goes downstream from here. I’ve had to be partly independent for the better part of the past year, having lived in Nigeria and now in New York, Life wasn’t exactly how  I imagined it and these are the Top 10 things you will need , and you are in luck, you if you have few more years to stay in Ukraine.

1.Learn something different from your course of study

Take it from a guy who learnt how to photograph, design website, make films, write codes(to an extent), I even became a DJ at some point and none of these skills prepared me enough for life outside of Ukraine, I tell you, Once you leave those walls, Life will throw itself at you and unless the president at the time is your father or you have some kind of trust fund laid up for you, you will most likely drown. Here is how those skills (mind the s) will help you. If for eg you are a doctor, chances are that you won’t earn for another 2 years , and during those months, whatever you leant will hold you up, learn how to programme, design clothes, sing, play instruments, just anything and don’t limit yourself to one thing, try as many things as possible. Just recently, I got paid for a skill I learnt in my Third year (and believe me I was dead broke at the time ) once the opportunity came i was ready for it.

2. Learn Something different from whatever you are studying

See, I repeated it again, please I beg you to do that, trust me, you can never be too prepared for life outside those walls, I’ve actually had an alumni from Ukraine call and ask me to coach him on one of the skills I leant in school, the issue was, he had no time for it anymore, Ukraine presents you with a vast opportunity and time to learn any form of art, I mean you got almost free internet and power source, Biko use it.

Miss Africa Ukraine In Lugansk

Miss Africa Ukraine In Lugansk


  • 3. Learn Russian (or Ukrainian)

That language can actually save your life, like it did mine few weeks ago (details later). But having the opportunity to learn another language is golden, let me actually be real with you, you might never get that chance again, I mean ever again. and when you leave those walls and actually go somewhere else, meet a ukrainian or Russian you will actually understand the need to know an extra language and you will feel the regret that you had the chance to learn it but skipped it.

4. Get as many awards as you can

Yes, they are student awards, but I was applying for the O-2 Visa (artist visa in US)  recently and the lawyer asked for it, join as many bodies as you can and don’t be like me, stay active there and do remarkable works, you will need it.

5. Leave 5’s Alone

I know you want to outshine everybody in your class, get 5s but don’t make it your sole need, study to pass your exams, but most importantly, study to know your stuff, people will test you , yes, they will test you. whatever it is you are studying, read and know it, not for getting those 5s, do it because, even outside of the hospital, random strangers will ask you questions and trust me, your 6 years will be on the line within those minutes. It’s ok to have 4s and 3s. If you ask me, I’ll say, if having an extra time to learn something different will earn you a 4 in class, go for it.

6. Make Friends

One would think, that that probably comes with the package of College, but here’s an example, I met a girl with another friend of mine one time at a party in Lugansk, He “wanted” her, and even though I was locked at the friend zone area, I didn’t mind. They had fun, we had real conversations, 4 years later, they no longer talk but the last contract I handled was with the Federal govt of Nigeria, worth over 4 million guess who gave the referral, The same girl. Yes, friends, if made right can be of huge help outside of those walls

7. Learn Salesmanship

Don’t worry, you wont need to take another class for it. You see the style teachers use in Ukraine? That stuff is golden, how do I know…You see the contract I spoke about ealier, I had to go pitch for it, and all those “prepare presentation for class” and answer questions came in handy. when you are talking to a learned minister of labor with his cohorts looking to get the exact same contract you are vying for, you dare not stammer, just like Sankova wouldn’t let you in her class.

8.Please Learn something different from what you are studying

If you are not bored of hearing it, I’m repeating it again. Don’t even put it away that you will do it next semester, start now. Don’t tell yourself that you are not good at anything, Take a leap and grow your wings all the way down, if that is not enough motivation, wait until you are out, Hunger will motivate you.

9.Leave girls/boys alone

Don’t get me wrong, have relationships, enjoy the moment, but once in a while, ask yourself if this is actually taking you anywhere, if the answer is no, take a different direction. I promise you, that decision might change your life.

10. Church

Now this is a tricky one, but I miss ICF, I mss Father of light from Lugansk and I really want to go back, even if it was just for one service, but here’s a a story that made me add this to this list (it has nothing to do with any of the churches I mentioned above), I once knew a young lady who told me she wanted to act and truth is, she is pretty good at it, I asked her why she wasn’t making an effort, she said her pastor won’t let her. People, I beg you to take a step in the direction of your dreams, don’t let any church stop you or any human tell you anything different. As long as the path you are following, resonates with who you are and is in good path with God wants, please do it, If anyone refers to being a man of God, tell them you are a child of God, and children also hear from God.


Finally, The world outside is tough, yes very tough, believe me, you are living your golden years right now, and whatever decision you make now stays with you. So go ahead  and make the best of it and don’t forget to have fun.


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You’ve said it all.

Thanks Brother

Ugwuanyi Chimdindu Peace on / Reply

This is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing.

True man … Kudos Bro

Accurate! Ukraine is a land for self, skills & talent development

Personally, I think I share almost same Ukraine experience with you, but maybe in a different field of study and career. These above highlighted points are in my checklist as the key strategies that led to my success today in Switzerland as a System engineer and certified business leader. Most people may not understand the importance of these points, probably because they limit themselves and not willing to get out of their comfort zone. But, I will comfortably say that, in every tough environment, tough people learn a lot and emerge successful.

Great advice…. Thanks so much.. I hope people don’t just read but look deeper and get the understanding…

Really great article am studying in Russia and everything you wrote is the truth .. been trying to reach you but can’t seem to get your email..
Hope I get a reply from you sir ..

write me an email using the contact form on this site, I will recieve it. Thanks again

Thank you ????

True talk bro. Only visiting Nigeria for just 6 weeks, I became more than motivated. Hm, life outside Ukr and it means, when you graduate ooo, e no b beans.

This was just me in Ukraine. Ermm apart from the girls part sha. Nice one bro, you have said it all.

Dennis Mingle on / Reply

Very deep stuff…keep up the good work

Nice one bro?

Dr imah otejiri on / Reply

U are absolutely right!

You have actually said it all

Nice piece brother

Nice piece my brother

Well nailed bro . We will surely meet at the top

Thank God, I really didn’t realise some people knew this, some of us here are regrettably wasting our time here, I tell this to everyone that I can. Thanks for the publicity and may God continue to bless you.


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