What I wish I was Told about Bitcoins

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It’s a new year, and as at the time of writing this post, It’s day 2 of 365 in the year 2017. For me, it’s the anniversary of the day I first heard of Bitcoin, precisely, 2nd of January 2011.

On that fateful day, Emmanuel woke me up to announce one of his many make-quick-money schemes. The month prior, he introduced me to forex. With its complexity, I lost interest after the first few hours. On that fateful day, he came again, and this time around, it was Bitcoins. He said it cost just a dollar and if I was willing to invest up to $500 into it, he is forecasting that the price will get to $20 in a few months time. (and he was wrong).

Bitcoin price now and its growth since last year

As naive as I was, I only wanted to find out precisely what I was going to invest $500 into (although I had it, it was safer for me to have it breathing in the bank and once in a while afford me Aurora pizza; I mean who wouldn’t die for that delicacy). Emmanuel explained all he could and the much I grabbed is that it was similar to stock market. You know, you buy and then wait, your stocks grow, then you withdraw. What in fact he didn’t explain was that, Bitcoin is NOT stock market.

Actually, it is the opposite of stock market, I’ll explain it in a jiffy, you see while stock market obey economic rules and fluctuate based on what the government dictates, Bitcoin moves in the opposite direction (at least from my understanding). You see if I had invested that $500 that day, do you know how much I would have today (I mean today, this very moment)- $500,000. you read that right, the day he woke me up, bitcoin cost $1 to 1 Bitcoin, today I mean this morning dates the 2nd of January 2017 Bitcoin is worth over $1025 for one bitcoin, meaning that, If you bought $1000 worth of bitcoins 5 years ago, today you’ll have more than a million…yes $1,000,000.


Late last year, I gained interest again and when  I started, Bitcoin was at $556, and in less than 3 months of starting out, The price has doubled, so even if I was to pull out right now, I have gained more than 100 percent of my investment, but I’m still in tears though, I wish I started out many years ago (but had I known comes at last. no? )

Anyways, why did I put this blog out, You can start today, and yes its way very expensive now, but you can still join? Truth be told, the world economy is in a bad state, worse than it has been in a century and it’s not getting any better, more and more people are looking for ways to preserve their money and that is where bitcoin price will go even further, Today it’s at 1025 by this year’s end, we are looking at maybe $1500 or even more than $2k (I might be wrong)

I started out with about $10 (you too can start with as low as $5) and in less than a month I have $125 (as of today, and I’m not even trading).  I’ll also advise you to make some research and find out more before making any commitments, so far I haven’t had any reasons to regret it (actually for me, I’m just saving my money in bitcoins)

Side story – I called chase bank and asked how much I would receive in savings interest if I deposited $50,000 for a year and they said $5– yes you heard that, $5. So if you are looking for some investment this new year– Click the Image below or click the link here

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